Wednesday, August 19, 2009

late nights at the *view


Been seeing late shows and staying awake through them. First up: District 9. I like movies that successfully set up an alternate past, and they did it really well. There's great cgi aliens in it. Believable fake government agencies. Overarching issues/topics/ideas. Maybe too many explosions and chases at the end.
See this movie. Especially if you like sci-fi movies. Or hero movies. Or morality tales.
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Then, last night: Julie and Julia. It was about 3 hours long maybe, and would have been a pretty good biography if they just cut out the whole "Julie" end of things. The whole movie flips back and forth between the Julia Childs story (pretty good), and this other girl Julie, who writes a blog (and then a book, and then they...make a movie of it!). There's about 30 minutes of this movie that's her sitting in front of her computer, typing blog entries, and narrating them. Like actual word-by-word screen shots. She becomes obsessed (in a boring way) with Julia Childs and decides to cook all her recipes. You can read the actual blog here. The best part of the movie is how it ends (spoiler!): real life Julia finds out about Julie's blog and thinks it's super dumb. Somehow not dumb enough for them to not make a movie about it, but still dumb.
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(Maybe someone should make a movie about my blog. Sounds really interesting, right? Wrong. See?)

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