Friday, August 21, 2009


It's way more impossible than it used to be to get prints from 120 film. There used to be 3 Ritz's that did it. The first two I went to had closed down. The third one developed my film but made no prints. Now I have to go all the way down to 19 and Chestnut (that's pretty much like going to Mexico or something, in this heat).
But I'm pretty sure the pictures will be really good.
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Or at least medium. (Get it? Medium?)

Tonight is a fakesy stoop (noun) sale at my house. Come, buy/sell, stoop (verb) with us. 6-9, you know the place.


carina romano said...

honestly, i'd go to philly photographic at 10th and arch if you want scans of your 120 negs. the place in center city does really crappy scans and costs way too much. but in any case, it does suck that you cant get it done in more places for cheap.

lana bear said...

oh man! I'd love to come..I'm going to dinner with my roomie, and then Tim's going away party is at 9:30. you should come up!