Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's my one year blogiversary. Send flowers or something. JK.

Things are regular lately. It's super duper hot out, worrying about staph infections I don't have, throwing the box spring down the stairs and out the door cause I don't like it anymore, Weeds, work, making drama, wishing I had LOST season 5 (Ben?), missing birthdays (sorry, Sister), itchy legs, wishing for a normal sized bathroom/bathtub, feeling bad for Matt leBlanc and the Little One (who must be so hot too), imaginary shopping, riding my scooter, finally fixin' bike seat (thanks, C), having vivid dreams (that turn out to be hard to replicate), long showers, home remedies, et cetra. Mostly, I'm boring and hot.

(Also one of the top google searches that leads people to this blog is "boys with iPhones", which is great.)

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