Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just got back from a few days "working" "down the shore".
I felt like I needed a change. So I just dyed my hair.

There's nothing like watching black dye rinse out. I've always wanted to make a quick movie about it to be able to communicate it to people who don't dye their hair - I just haven't been able to work out the logistics I guess. First your whole body gets these black streaks down it, then it's all over the whole shower, brown and black, and water. Then you wash your hair a whole bunch of times, and it's dark lather. Eventually, everything is the way it started (except your hair).

I kind of still want a change though.


elizabethfrances said...

aren't you moving ?
that's a change.

happy BIRTHday.
hope it was wonderful.

Unknown said...

hair dying movie is a good idea.
can your hair even take dye right now?
i keep looking at pictures of jean seberg, winona ryder and mia farrow. i am thinking about change too...

Bangs said...

Eliza - you're right.

Amanda - do it.