Thursday, August 13, 2009

birthday wishes

Here's a whole bunch of things I won't get for my birthday:
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This bike. Republic bikes/Urban lets you make your own bike, like those sneaker websites. Colors of everything. It's pretty fun. And while I worry about being a big faker, I think it comes down to the fact that I do like riding bikes, and it'd be nice to have a pretty one that worked well.
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Obviously, this vacuum (or, Dyson's "ANIMAL"). Matt's becoming more and more okay with being vacuumed.
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A bed. This bed. It's just from Ikea, and isn't really even that much money, but would make for a great tent/fort.
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A z-rack. I don't even really need a closet. I just want a clothes rack that can hold a few hundred pounds. You know, for pull-ups (joke). Seriously though, I want a z-rack.
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These guys too. But maybe without the dumb lining that'll make my feet super hot and sweaty and stinky.

Really though, I'll be satisfied with new house.

Also: if you think this stuff is expensive, you should see my medical wishlist. Elective tonsillectomies and gold teeth are really pricey.


sarah said...

i don't think you actually want orange on your bike.
in other news: you wanted those boots in burnt red right?
really though, i hope you don't move before my package comes. i think i might like your gift. a little. [not in a sarcastic way, in a really, you might like it a little way - obviously i would hope a lot, but i'm thinking a little]

sarah said...

by "i think i might like your gift" i mean "i think you might like your gift"

Bangs said...

Not orange, it's red. Maybe you should adjust yr moniter Sarah. Or your eyes.

(Also, not sold on that particular combination. It just looks so fresh. I'll make big decisions like colors right after I pay off all my other bills in life and can afford $400 bicycles).

ohsolasa said...

Just heads up, I was going to buy one of those bikes (this was pre-urban-ization so I did a bunch of research cause they are mad cheap/reasonably priced) and I found there are a bunch of problems with them... such as; shitty chains that like to break, a too long crank that is bad for short legs and getting going, and super crappy tires that will shred real easy, and lame rims that will bend/dent easily. Of course this information came from bike web sites filled with messengers who beat up their bikes and are total snobs besides.... But still.... I bought a used bike at Via for less.... But how fun is the Republic website? Say goodbye to a couple hours if you check it out.

Nice talking to you!

PS I wish I saw you often enough to just tell you this....