Sunday, November 18, 2012

uppers, solutions

Somedays I feel a need, like "hey, I better raise this bed up so I can fit suitcases under it, and I need to do it TODAY".  Stuff like that feels so urgent when you're trying to not do homework.
Regular bed risers (those plastic jawns from Target or Ikea) won't fit on this bed (and they're real ugly anyway.)  So instead I hit the Aids Thrift looking for a solution, and came away with $3 worth of hardcover books.

Three books in each corner, and my bed is tall enough to fit one billion pink suitcases ("Christmas", "Halloween", "curtains", etc.)  And lots of room for MLB and the little one to get up inside the boxspring.  Wahoo.


And speaking of suitcases, I have this one little guy
I absolutely can't open. Now I can't remember what's in it, but it's probably something Real Good.  Anyone got a tip on opening a vintage Tiara suitcase? No?


kimberly said...

i recently learned how to pick padlocks....maybe?

kimberly said...
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Bangs said...

Kimmy, next time you're over, lets try it out! No great loss if it gets broken. Lord knows(?) I have more suitcases.