Wednesday, November 28, 2012

thrifty jawns

Since I'm underemployed, and have several days kind-of off per week, I hit the thrift stores in my neighborhood on the regular.

Here's some things I saw this week:

First, this Pyrex casserole.  You can't buy it, because I already did.  I'm probably on the verge of being a person that makes casseroles, right?  (I haven't yet, like, ever, but I might).

This embroidered dog pillow, which really caught my eye, because this girl I blog-follow recently found and Instagrammed a similar cat pillow she found in the Netherlands.  This is still available.

This Eva painting.

A ton of these super weird Indian boy and girl hangers.  I don't know.

This set of Junior Classics, which isn't cheap.  But very beautiful.  I don't like to have lots of books I'm not actually reading, but maybe you do.  And maybe you have $50?

And, finally, an really nice aerial shot of DC/Baltimore, which is hopefully still there, so Amanda can have it.  Phew.

Anyway, all this at Philly Aids Thrift!  Lots of good stuff lately at Retrospect and Mostly Books, but I don't want to spoil your Xmas presents.

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