Saturday, November 24, 2012


Here's a post that's just about cats, so you can quit now if you're not in the club.

I was vacuuming my bathroom rug All The Time, because Blanc and the Kitten kick up a litter cloud every time.  (Also, I'm partial to that Arm&Hammer Natural Litter, which is lighter than clay and, while it works well, doesn't stay in the litter box so good).

THEN, I had my eye on this litter box, which is very beautiful (for a cat box) and is supposed really solve a litter tracking problem.


So, instead I got a big Tupperware guy, and cut a hole in it. Top entry litter box. It works great!  And, was ten dollars.  Phew.

Hopefully for you, and hopefully for me, I'll never write a post about litter again.

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