Friday, November 30, 2012


If you had to choose between thrift stores and chairs, which would you pick?  I don't know either.

So I picked up this old Eames shell chair a couple weeks ago, because it was generally in great shape.  Good color, good condition, still had the paper tag and good shock mounts, but had the worst legs (those stackable giant ones), and was missing two screws.

I ordered new legs and replacement screws from Modern Conscience, and waited.  And missed UPS, because I don't have a doorbell.  But then today, worked it out, and: new legs!

The instructions were pretty minimal (as in one diagram), but after a little trial-and-error, I worked it out.  100% better, right?

The best parts
1. lemonheads
2. the slim new profile means I can get the chair into my kitchen
3. this price tag

Anybody need the old (stacker) base (it's wide mount), and two narrow threaded screws?  Holla at me, they're yours.  I guess they get curbed next week.


Amber Reeves said...

nice job, susie! it turned out great!

elizabethfrances said...

Much improved!