Monday, May 7, 2012


Someone (Dan K, then Lulu) just recommended this website, and their "first pair free" scene.  So I did it - how could free glasses be wrong, right?

Their motto? "Buying glasses from is awesome".

What I did wrong though, is order a pair from the very first page of the site, without spending any time paging through and seeing other glasses they have.  I think I could have found something really good, but at least what I got is funny:

Do you see that?  IT'S DIVISION AND MULTIPLICATION SIGNS.  These are the math teacher-est glasses you could ever imagine (and no I didn't notice when I ordered them).  I think they're funny enough for tons of at-home Kindle reading, and maybe even out someday*.  Maybe.

Anyway, in general, I'd like to recommend Coastal as a pretty good source for cheap-y (I think mine were $8 or 9, total) regular glasses.  Mine came with the right script in less than a week.  Maybe just be a little more vigilant than me, double check everything, including weird symbols in the corners.

*the only time I need to wear glasses "out" is at work, which is not "out" or like, if I go to the park to read.  I don't want you guys to get the wrong idea about me. And glasses.


elizabethfrances said...

Funny! What did you think the sapes were?

Bangs said...

Beta, I don't even know if I noticed there was ANYTHING. This was a faster-than-impulsive impulse buy.