Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So last week I drove to the shore and back.  On the way there, I started Zao (really, you find the funniest cds when you're moving) and finished DCFC.  But on the way back, I only listened to Capitalist Youth.  Probably like two and a half times, (almost) straight through.
I like it.  And:  they were on NPR this week and everything!  I'm not really one to know if that's a huge deal or not, but I think it is.  Good job Kamper and co.
Font look familiar?  I'm a pretty famous/established/working artist.

The funniest part is wondering how serious Kamper is when he says "princess" and wondering how Kelly feels about it.


Amber Reeves said...

ah! so i got deep into this record after we saw them play in the burbs. so fun, right? but the 'princess' part kills me everytime!


pinchefresco said...

Listen, when I was driving Kimmy's car about a month ago, that CD was in there and I listened to it four times in a row. I was flipping out over how fucking great it was and I had no idea it was people I knew until a few weeks later. Our friends are a big big slept-on secret.

The one about "You're going to die" made me cry with joy. Literally. With so many balloons in the car that I couldn't see out the back window, btw. I almost died.