Monday, August 30, 2010


Back in it.  I was on a little vacation, and then we don't have any internet at our house, so: took a quick and welcome break from the internet, which later today I'll exchange for The Busiest Life of FT work/FT school.  Oh, did you want to do something fun?  Sorry, I can't.

Anyway.  Since last we wrote and read each other, I had a little thing for putting dental implants in
(They look like that I guess? Or, at least, that's how they'd look if my mouth was clear?)  Then beach birthday was good, duh.  Then came home and we did this big JAWS/bloody pool/every kind of seafood party.  And moved out.  New house is piles and piles of boxes, but we'll sort that out.

Here's a really good birthday present:  embroidered kitten pillowcases.  (Don't touch that iron kitten, it's hot!).

(Thanks, Mandy).

Today I start school, and I'm nervous and excited.  I'm going to learn so many important things.  And hang out with college kids.   

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christophresh said...

Even I would take that Kitten pillow case.