Monday, August 23, 2010


Want a hint about Anthropologie?  I got your tip, right here.

So:  I saw this green tiger duvet cover. 

I liked it, but I don't really like anything as much as $228.  Especially something I'm probably going to drool on or get cat hair all over or whatever.  Anyway:  it went on sale, but not the size I needed.  So you call the hotline, they find a store that has it, and that store just sends it to you.  No shipping charges, no store pick-up.  They give you the online sale price, too.
So:  I'm getting the duvet, but from an Anthro in Southlake Texas, for $29.95.  Which is about how much I care about blankets with tigers.
No s+h, and everyone was so nice and it was so easy!

Everything I write on this blog is about shopping lately - but I swear I have lots of other things going on.   Movies, a house, a party, fighting with UPenn dental, surgeries, trips, an upcoming birthday etc.


zerbipedia said...

your new house is going to be so fancy.

lana bear said...

we do that all the time!! its the best!

r___anderson said...

is kimmy going to get mad about you stealing her bed theme?

Bangs said...

This came today by the way, and is awesome.