Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm "back" or whatever.  After the jump.  Editorial we.  Web-logs.

I got a little caught up in real life (birthdays, tacos, visitors, packing, dog emergencies, Boom Blox etc) lately and quit caring about (my presence on) the internet, and still don't really, but here's a couple things.

Pictures from our yard this morning:  it's really nice, and just covered with morning glories/old glory's also kind of disgusting.  As we purge/throw out stuff while we're packing.  Our piles of garbage just GROW.
Things in the garbage:
typewriter that fell
all the typewriter ribbons I couldn't find when I wanted to
the tiger rug that was great while it lasted
3 Houghton College yearbooks
ac that mostly doesn't work
reality show applications
some pictures of people sleeping
100 more dvd cases
card catolog decopagued with maps of NYS
one million other treasures that didn't make the cut.
And then there's the "clothes swap" pile, a "donate" pile, and a "Nikki" box.  Yikes.  (It feels great to have this stuff on it's way out.)

At least there's flowers on top (of the garbage).

Then, after scoping foliage and garbage, I walked out the gate to see K  got tire-robbed last night, which is the worst.  People are jerks.  People are jerks to Kim's vehicles (last weekend, someone tried to steal her scooter.  Unsuccessful, but successful in making it undriveable, which is still a pretty big bummer, especially in August).
So that was this morning.  On the train (I took the train!  I never take the train!  I was on my bike, but those rainclouds looked pretty ominous and started drip dropping on my head so I hit the El), I listed to the new This American Life, and I must have missed the whole beginning of it, because after a few minutes, I was lost.  I think guy was doing Master Cleanse?   I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but in general, I feel like it (the cleanse) is something I both resent, but want to try.  Like hanging out at the Piazza.

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Amber Reeves said...

purging - you're doing so good!
the cleanse - talk to me after day three. stabbing chest pains.
tire thief - b*s*