Monday, January 5, 2009


Usually, Holly Zerbe or someone gives me some New Year's resolutions.
Previous resolutions have included trying out high heels and...good grief. I can't even remember now.
Last year it was "mostly honest" (self imposed), and I did okay at it.

So far this is where I'm at:

December 30 at 1:25am (from Holly)
Oh, I was just realizing that in keeping with tradition, we need to try to come up with new year's resolutions for each other. How do you feel about thongs?

December 30 at 9:12am (from Susan)
I feel Very Bad about thongs. I prefer underwear that looks like it was designed for little kids. (Not in a creepy way - in a lots of coverage and bright colors way).
Not that I'm saying no to your challenge.
How do you feel about dreadlocks?

Later this got updated to "two days of no bra, 2k9" (we'll see, HZ).
I had some good ideas for her, but now can't think of them. Is it too late?
I'm also planning on getting healthy, which includes seeing a million doctors (lady doctor today!) and eating way better (see Melissa's blog for more about that), getting my bmi down to 22 (which is the point where people get the least amount of sick!), and having a real hairstyle.

If New Year's was in Summer I'd probably make it to wear sunblock all the time and not enter a tan-off with Amanda, but alas*.

Sarah also ended a recent email:
"... i love you. happy new year. i'll miss you tonight at midnight for sure! next year i'll be there for it definitely. don't make any mistakes. maybe your resolution should be to either start dating conrad or stop dating conrad in 2k9. ! [i am so funny]"

(she is so funny).

Mostly, if things continue the way they have in 2k9 so far, I'm going to watch tons of Mad Men and eat a lot of air popped popcorn. Oh, and get tons of prescriptions, like Marilyn!

Things I write are so hard to read. Maybe a writing class? A job I can't get enough of? More school?

*hanging prepositions?! must be the vampire novels.

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christophresh said...

do you think that gold will throw off your BMI, because it is so heavy?
Also, plz resolve to say 'good grief' more this year.
And 'alas'.