Monday, January 26, 2009


Got home.
Won the lottery (actually just won a free ticket, but I have a good feeling about that one).
Found out I overpaid a medical bill, so they sent me back $100.
Went to the pharmacy and bought a set of funnel spoons instead of my keys.
Saw Notorious.
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Good: the soundtrack, and managers fall for scams more easily than their employees. Or care less. Bad: some of the movie, morals and everything, you know.
Tonight? Dance class again. Whispers (texts) of a Rustica party?

Don't you all wish I still had a digital camera so there were more pictures?


nikki said...

i have to say i am a bit hurt!

Bangs said...
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Bangs said...

I told you to go without me on Thursday! I totally thought you went - oops!