Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new slogans

Okay. This week I found out I have a (benign in 2k9) tumor in my brain. I don't know a ton about it yet. Golfball sized and neuro surgery coming up to take it out. Amber, after they shave off some of my hair, maybe we could work out a haircut?
Everything is dumb.


pinchefresco said...

You are going to be OK. One day we'll laugh about it, blog about it, grow your hair back and take up golfing as a big f-you to the gods. XOXO.

kamper part deux said...

i hate your brain tumor.

reeves. said...

wait. what? omg to the max, pretty baby. love you one million and will give you what ever you need, ESPECIALLY a cute, half shaved head, brain tumor haircut!