Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Some things I've learned (or remembered) I liked lately:

1. The Office ("the Duel"). It's on Hulu.
2. Hulu.
3. Steak? I guess it's been a million years since I've had it. Do you know you can make it at home and it's good? Who knew? It takes like five minutes? Thanks, 'nets, for teaching me how.
4. Boys buying girls drinks.
5. Emailing strangers.
6. Paying off whole medical bills (I guess I forgot about one, and the creditors started calling me this week. They weren't mean, probably because I called them back to pay it off.)
7. Swing dancing lessons. Again on Monday?
8. Obamas. I already knew, but today reminded me.
9. Andy. Keeping blogging, and some time, when I'm out and ten funny things happen that I remember for real, I'm keeping posting.
10. Sports Brunch (was actually fun, and wins for longest brunch this year).

Good job everybody. I think pretty soon, I'll get to add Notorious* to that list. Also note that The Princess Diaries, and The Princess Diaries 2 did not make it to my list.

*the B.I.G. movie that Lil's so mad about, not that Tori Spelling reality show.

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nikki said...

Please save B.I.G. for M.E.