Friday, January 9, 2009


I had an MRI. The couldn't find my veins* to put the dye in my blood (gross right?). Three tries. Since U Been Gone on the headphones they gave me.
I'm on these other pills that are giving me vivid dreams, and one first nightmare. Part of it was being in a pond of aborted babies. Really. Other than that I've been sleeping so well though.
Today? First tooth. Took a couple tries and eleven shots of novacaine, but first tooth.

*They couldn't find my veins because "they're too small", just like my ear canals are too small for adult sized instruments and mouth was too small for grown up plaster-casting, and my nose was almost too small for needles. There's tons of people smaller than me? It's weird.


awesome said...

no adult has baby/kitten facial features like you do

pinchefresco said...

OK girl, I musta been drunk like whoa when you told me about those fetuses, cuz here I've been thinking all week that it was me that had that dream. Lord do I need to get my head right!