Friday, January 30, 2009


I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be 25 things that you might not know, or you’re supposed to know, or what. Here they are. (Everybody else did it too - it's on facebook or blogs).
I’ll try to do things that you really don’t know, and skip the parts about cutting my own hair when I’m down or tendencies for the tiniest electronics.

1. I’m in debt. More than I know probably, like those Canadian girls on that Style Network show, “Maxed Out”, with the bad theme song.

2. Getting the wires taken out of my mouth was one of the worst things I can remember, and I can’t believe they don’t even give you novacaine for it, let alone put you straight out.

3. I don’t understand why Nick Filardi won’t take me out on a date.

4. Once I was in the backseat/middle of a car, between two others. I might have been Dane’s car, but maybe not. I had to throw up, but there was no time! I threw up down my coat sleeves. Sorry.

5. I try to adhere to this One In One Out life, to have less (or at least the same amount of) possessions, but I cheat. All the time.

6. I get sad-ish about cheating. In life, in cards.

7. I used to have a brother.

8. It frustrates me so much that my mom doesn’t have the attention span for one movie, she’s up and doing things the whole time. I see it in myself.

9. I’ve only ever won two games of Blokus, but I really like playing it.

10. My grandfather had Alzheimer’s. I’m so scared of getting old.

11. My standards for Movies to See has dropped about 70% over the last two years.

12. I barely ever wash clothes, with the exception of underwear and tights. When that’s all you wash, you get a big tights-octopus out of the dryer.

13. Conrad and I walked to the ER when I broke my face. Ambulances are for sissies.

14. I repeat stories like crazy/have a terrible memory.

15. I still hate that boy Joel that Sarah dated, when I think about him.

16. I’m starting to have a defeatist attitude about life and health. Currently trying to defeat it.

17. So far I’ve skipped 3 grandparent’s funerals.

18. I like sleeping in the cold.

19. No camping.

20. I don’t usually miss people.

21. My mom is super Penecostal sometimes, like “slain in the spirit” and Benny Hinn cruises and everything, and it both concerns me and drives me crazy.

22. I took tennis in college. Was terrible. You had to take a gym class though.

23. I made a documentary about people in Houghton, NY. It’s alright.

24. Ask me on a trip, I’ll probably go, especially if we get to stay at a hotel. I’ll scrimp and save and everything.

25. Never thought I’d like tv like I do. I guess I tricked myself.

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awesome said...

he told me he's too poor to start dating.

lady.shiv said...

i really like you.