Wednesday, January 7, 2009

(not really) Rawurary

If you lost track of things, Melmar and I are doing a "no-processed foods" Januray - to try to feel better/eat better/get better at it. Our "non-processed" ideas are pretty loose, for convenience and practicality's sakes - we're trying to mostly stick to foods that are one ingredient - or a couple foods that are one ingredient, mixed together.
It might sound like cheating*. And it might be cheating, but we're incorporating a few things like whole grain pasta (ingredients? whole grains), and right now I'm doing store bought salad dressing on some stuff (mostly cause I'm no Melissa and haven't whipped up my own yet).
Overall though? Feelin' fine in 2k9, just like the buttons say. So many more apples and bananas and squash and peppers and popcorn!
Oh, and this part really was cheating, but last night I tried a bit of M's Nutella mousse chocolate layer cake, and it was awesome.

*This kind of loose-interpretation type cheating is so far working out WAY better than that month in 2k6(!) where we decided to just eat fruits and vegetables except for weekly outings to Applebees for half price apps. That month we didn't really do so good.


that pants said...
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Anonymous said...

I did like when we ate family dinners a lot for that month - Fruitober, was it?

And yeah, so far so good. Almond milk in oatmeal is awesome, who knew?

(sorry, signed in wrong the first time I posted this)