Sunday, January 11, 2009

keeping celebrating

Josh Ballard's New Year's Resolution? To celebrate his birthday every day this year.
Last night we went to his birthday party.
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It was pretty fun, and a good (cold) night to stay south.

Also, Amanda, when are we going to get a recording of your xmas song?

Also, I won ten dollars on a scratch off, which goes into my "money I wasn't counting on" fund for Wii. Getting there.

Also, Andy? Come get your lobster, it's making my room drafty.


bitteramanda said...

oh "keeping having xmas?" we worked on it last night but i kept getting frustrated and matt told me i have no rhythm. so we will keeping working on "keeping having xmas" and hopefully it will be done by next xmas.

bitteramanda said...

also you can come over and play wii at my house whenever you want.

pinchefresco said...

I know, my room's all rearranged to be more lobster-ready. Soon, soon. Thanks for the memories though!!!