Monday, January 12, 2009


and closer.
Here's some things that could warrant paragraphs, but lately I can't believe how nothing turns into pages, so I'll be breif.

Finally getting paid by ChaCha.
My lawyer and I are Back In Touch.
More hearing tests.
Less blood work.
Less bread and cheese (keeping).
More vitamins!
Fire drills.
Dreams of Springtime and flawless scooter rides.
Consideration of blond hair (Amber!)
A raise (indeed).
Tim Reardon/Dane real quick.
Weird parties with no girls.
Rewatching the good movies, watching bad ones once.
Sleeping lots.
Figuring Things out.
Less cards in 2k9 (just like you asked for, Andy).
News of ecomonic stimulus again (don't you read the news? no.)
Inauguration at RUBA, not at my house.
Lost soon.


reeves. said...

keeping bleaching in 2k9.

pinchefresco said...

Less cards? Really? Oh thank you for real! now I believe that your blog loves me. Maybe I'll buy Cards For Dummies and we'll negotiate.