Monday, January 19, 2009


Dear Valentine's Day Ball "Find Your Valentine" Planning Committee,

I'm not going to the meeting tonight. Reasons (1) I'm going to dance lessons instead (2) I'm not even sure what my life schedule is like, and so I'm not sure if I'll be able to go (3) I think there's enough people with enough ideas, so keeping planning without me.

In leiu of attending, I submit the following, for your consideration:
Start advertising this jawn. It's a big weekend, you're going to have some competitors. Get a flier, get dibs. Decide on a real dress code (I think this got discussed last night, but I can't really remember, but I want to know how much clothes to wear, and in what colors).
And, I still vote that you should spend that (imaginary) $300 that you're considering for the string band on beer instead. Get a couple kegs, a couple bottles of Vlad, and a box of wine or something. You know how people roll: empty handed.
Finally (hate to throw out whole new ideas), someone should set up a photobooth, maybe a little like Hands & Knees circa 2k5, just a little corner or whatever where people can go and have their picture taken by someone. Not like Philthy going around taking people's pictures, but, well, like a photobooth. I call not it for taking the pictures, also I broke my digital camera, real bad. Also my tax return got rejected. See how many other things I have going on? See?

Also, can we have a roller skating party? Andy?

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