Monday, January 26, 2009


You probably missed my blog a lot this weekend. Sorry, Suckers, I jumped ship* for a couple days and went to Florida!
I went to Sand Key Beach. I got my mom to buy me a bathrobe ("Cause, I'll be so cold in the hospital!"), and found so many winter shorts**! I hung out with my Grandma, who's got it so so together that we can talk cards strategy, but is so weak that she's heading for the nursing home real soon. I jacuzzi'd a lot, like the cast of the Real World Brooklyn (with less implants), and got a little tan. Most of the tan shed off on the airplane home, my face looked really gross that day.

Other things
- indoor smoking sections in Atlanta (like 1998 in NYS or something!)
- boys with "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" ringtones
- Delta has Veronica Mars and so many other shows on their tvs! So long, Continental and every episode of every kind of CSI. I don't even miss you***.

**weird that it's hard to find shorts here in January.
***I do miss Continental.

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pinchefresco said...

Did you know that if you have a tiny iPod touch, the big TV networks have mobile versions of their websites and you can watch their shows for free on your iPod?