Monday, January 5, 2009

holiday at the Riverview blogs lately, cause I've been too busy cleaning our floor over and over again, trying to sweep up confetti from the street and watching Mad Men (which is my favorite, like Nip Tuck and Greek before it).

I saw some movies. First Brad in Benjamin Button, which was about an hour too long, but well done. It's about this guy who is born 80 years old, then ages backward. When he's eleven (in his 70's or whatever) he falls in love with a real life eleven year old, and they off-and-on their whole life, until she's with him at the end, when he's a baby and she's a old lady. The part in the middle where they match up in age is really nice and they live in an apartment with a mattress on the floor in the living room and are in love and watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.
Some things that weren't awesome, but didn't ruin it:
the "Notebook device": the story is presented during hurricane Katrina, through the reading of Ben's memoirs. Flashbacks and all that. It's a fine gimmick, but I think we've seen it enough times.
Inconsistency: Ben is born tiny (and old looking) and dies tiny (and young looking). If it was an actual reversal of time, you either have to pick that he's somehow born old and big (gross) and gets littler and littler, or is born little and stays big, just more baby like. It's fine though, NBD.

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The makeup and everything was spot on though, and I don't like saying this, but it was thought provoking. And Brad Pitt was so handsome in some parts, and rode a lot of motorcycles.

No one got shot.

Last night, we went to see Keanu in The Day the Earth Stood Still. Beautiful scientist, baby Will Smith, alien Keanu, and so much environmental scope. Lines: "We can change! WE CAN CHANGE WE CAN CHANGE!" In case you missed the first one (or kind of forgot it/mixed it up with War of the Worlds like I did) it's about aliens who come to save planet Earth from us, because we're so bad at it. Made me want to go cut up some 6 pack rings and quit using styrofoam.
Overall, not awesome, but some things that were cool:
Keanu's alien skin falling off in giant globs as he takes on his human body
tiny multiplying bugs that eat through everything, including people and diamonds
Gort looking exactly the same as he did in the 1950's version
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Go to the movies more.


FXF in 09 said...

in the book he's born as an adult-size baby. they don't explain how. but just the same, his mother dies in childbirth, if you can believe it.

bitteramanda said...

the notebook device kind of reminded me of the necklace in titanic...