Tuesday, January 27, 2009


1. First things first: yesterday at work I got caught up in eBaying and bought a Wii, and Wii Fit. Looking for players. Also need to pick up some extra Wiimotes so we can play against each other. Already shipped, arriving soon. I'm sure you're glad that you can stop hearing about it.
2. GJC. Stands for "Good Job C", because he won a Magic tournament, and gets to play in Hononlulu soon. I think everybody remembers my time spent in Honolulu, I hope you have a better time, Conrad. Don't fly "Go!"* airlines.
3. Doctor today. Same old same old, but now with some numbers, like a 30% chance I'll lose control of my lefty face for a undetermined amount of time, and 4-6 weeks for recover (see #1). Also, thanks C for coming.
4. Tonight is Rustica party, a long standing tradition that I both look forward to, and had forgotten about, until yesterday.

*I think they've since folded anyway. I hope so.


kamper part deux said...

ginny- lou and dollar bill are very concerned about your brain. hope you aren't feeling to tumorish.

christophresh said...

i really like that.

see you:
saturday the 7th:
at your house