Monday, July 30, 2012


See this hanging lamp, in my sister's kitchen?

It used to be in our house growing up.  Then I was a little jealous that she got it, but it's cool, because I got my own (in green), at the recently defunct Astro Vintage.  Score.

Bad news is, the one I bought gave out some pretty serious shocks when you touched any part of it. So I bought some  new, old timey cord from Sundial, and this weekend we (my dad and I, but really my dad) rewired it. So now I have my own lamp.

I guess this is a lesson/blog post in copy-catting your family members, thrifting, safety, and lighting. And some kind of a joke about "isn't it funny how my sister's kitchen looks exactly like mine?"

I'll blog about something real sometime soon. Like the Batman maybe, or the Olympics.

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