Thursday, July 19, 2012


picasion gif maker

Here's MLB on this Kantha Sari quilt I got from  He (obvi) likes it, I like it, and it came in TWO DAYS, which is way better than what I've come to expect from Fab.  Made of two vintage saris (so no two blankets are alike).  They're not always available on the site, but pretty often.  The reverse is a faded yellow print with equally crazy stitching.  Pretty good.

Part of the trick with them (Fab) is that I wasn't even in the market for a blanket, then I get all these credits stacking up, and then I buy something like this that I didn't even mean to.  But! It's nice, and I like it. The hand-stitching is intense, the colors are cool, and it covers a clawed up chair pretty well. Okay.

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