Friday, July 13, 2012

heirloom lurking

I recently did an (8 day!) vacation to WNY.  I spent the first day hitting Buffalo hotspots, and then assessing my mom's antiques, so I can nab the best ones when she dies.  (That's kind of a joke. Maybe better to say, "so I can get the best ones when she gets a smaller house someday"?)
There are probably like ten or twelve good pieces I want.

Like this whole bedroom set (my mom's great grandmother's. great-great grandmother's?).  Headboard, footboard, big and small dresser.  They're all pretty good.

And this penny quilt with this kind of scary clown, and lots of other good panels on it.  (Which was a grandmother's but not a great.)

Is it morbid or regular to treat visits home like shopping trips?  My mom mostly seems glad about it (she likes that someone else likes the pieces she's kept), so for now, I'll keep mentally tagging items whenever I go home (which is very infrequently).  It at least makes me feel like when I'm a grown-up, I'll have a lot less to do with Ikea.

There were other parts of my trip to.  Natural Wonders, wishing lanterns, sparklers, etc, but I'll maybe get into that stuff later.  

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