Saturday, February 5, 2011

Japan photo hunt

For Ryan, from Sue and Melissa.  Have fun.  We'll like you more or less than we do now, depending on your score.  Some are either/or, and some you get more points for the more you find.  Here's news JAPAN IS CRAZY!
 1.  a visit to Alcatraz hospital themed restaurant
2.  hanging out with Harajuku, Lolita-goth, or other cos-play girls (flexible) (maid cafe an option) (must have shoes with 5"+ soles)
3.  Rainbow Bridge (but not the one in Buffalo)
4.  looking tall in an elevator of tiny Japanese people
5.  karaoke (okay some of these are pretty Lost in Translation)
6.  Ice bar or cat cafe
7.  Giant robot (any)
8.  Mouth, legs, butt, Mary, or robot shaped urinal
9.  live lobster arcade claw machine or  underwear vending machine
10.  points for each weird flavor of Kit Kat:  Grape, Berry wine, golden peach, custard pudding, Grilled corn, miso, sweet potato, baked potato with butter, Ramune soda, Earl Grey, caramel macchiato, McFlurry, soy sauce, Camembert cheese, pounded soybean paste, lemon vinegar, watermelon and salt, brandy and orange, pumpkin, apple vinegar, grilled corn, etc.

1 comment:

r___anderson said...

i'll try and live up to your (i'm sure) lofty expectations.