Monday, February 7, 2011

re Arcade Fire

All the time that new Arcade Fire song is all the radio. (104.5 is pretty gold lately, for the record). Between that and some clip I saw of them playing SNL wearing LED outfits, I feel like I'm thinking about them often, and specifically I was thinking about them on my way home this Sunday Night.
Here's the things I think about them.
 1. The mostly-singing (head?) guy looks a little or a lot like Michael Pitt. Which makes me just want to watch Boardwalk Empire. And I can't.  So: bummer.  Michael Pitt was also very good in Funny Games.  Add that to your queue.

2. Years ago, I put that song about neighborhoods on a mix cd for Thompson.
"What's a windodeyo?" he asked. "You know, when he's going to dig a tunnel from my windodeyo."

3. I heard an interview with Vincent Moon who made a doc about Arcade Fire. With some amount of emphasis, he said "They're not good people." Moon, I like the way you think. I don't know/don't care about the Arcade Fire specifically, but it was such an elegant kind of way to sum up a group or someone as a moral being. Good, or not good. I see most the people in my life in these categories I guess. When I think about it.

That's kind of it.  Superbowl tonight too, where I spent  most of the time wondering about the players with long hair.

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Meesh said...

did you see the dude with the huge mega beard? how does he play with that huge beard? HOW?