Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coppolas and shampoo

Well, this is a two-pronged post.
1.  I like to know about the Copollas.  It's not like I'm a FFC fanatic, or memorized the Godfather or something - I'm more interested in knowing "Who Is a Coppola?"*.   This came up recently when we were talking about Rocky, and who played Adrianne?  Oh, Talia Shire, sister of Francis Ford, aunt to Nicky Cage and Sophia Copolla, mother of Jason Schwartzman.
What a bag of tricks.

2.  This girl Angelica from the Netherlands has a blog that I follow.  In it, she championed the use of SLS free shampoos, and my hair is secretly in ruins, so I decided to try some.  I love it, and would recommend it to anyone.  I doubt you could see a difference, but I feel it, totally.  Anyway.  The shampoo?  PETER COPPOLA.
So now everytime I take a shower and am washing my hair, I pick up this bottle of shampoo, and wonder if he (Peter, of the shampoos) and Francis (of the movies and affordable wine) have an invested interest in the same bottling company.

*also "How Can I Be a Coppola?"


FXF said...

This dude's single:

Bangs said...

Oh, right, from The Princess Diaries. I saw that (really).

zerbipedia said...

are you using the Peter Coppola Keratin Complex shampoo? That's what I used and I liked it, although I have a hard time separating its effects from the effects of the keratin treatment itself.

Bangs said...

H: PC's Anti-aging (you know, because you don't want old hair?) and Color-protecting.