Friday, February 11, 2011

do we love colors, really?

Here's kind of a grumpy review:

(Some background)
Every blog-girl in the world seems to just LOVE We Love Colors.  "OMG, got so many great We Love Colors tights in the mail today!"
And yeah.  They have lots of colors.  I thought I was going to love them too.  I wanted to.

But they are the saggiest tights that I own.  I bought some (so long ago.  I've been meaning to write this for a while), size Medium (to be honest, I don't totally believe in tights sizing), in blue, grey, white.  Every pair looks like this after about an hour:
this is Dollar Store saggy.  It's really bad.
Their plain old tights are $8/pair (I've only tried the regular ones, maybe the higher end ones are better?), and for what it's worth, I'll stick with Target/H&M/Hue tights from now on.
I guess I learned my lesson:  not to take advice from girls on the internet who get stockings for free if they recommend them*.  That's the lesson, right?

*for the record, I don't think there's anything morally grey about doing that.  It's just annoying when the product isn't great.


zerbipedia said...

saggy tights (accidentally first spelled out "tits", also appropriate) are the worst.

Side note: I like your Minnetonkas a lot.

We Love Colors said...


The tights you purchased are our Solid Color Nylon tights (Style #1001)and do not contain Lycra. Lycra adds stretch, durability, comfort, and will keep your tights shape.

When we send out tights for reviews we always send out Nylon/Lycra Microfiber Tights #1053 (unless someone specifically requests our Solid Color Nylon tights) because they are hands-down our best product.

We have a discount code for our microfiber tights which is valid from now until the end of February. Check out Kendi's blog more more details:
Hope this helps!

We Love Colors