Tuesday, November 16, 2010

xmas, not ex-mess

I'm starting to think about Christmas shopping, and, as usual, Etsy is a go-to.*

Look at Elizabeth's prints.  So nice!  If I didn't already  have a blender (print from her), I'd go for it (and by "go for it" I mean I'd "ask for one" for Xmas.  I'm working on my own wish list, which will include a Sabres fitted cap, in case things turn out better than so far, a book of my blog (do you know?  They'll make that!  Like a book!), and a "hard copy" of Blokus.

*by "go to" I mean, a source of wish-lists, and "I could totally copycat that craft idea".  Don't get excited.  Probably none of you are getting Etsy gifts.

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