Friday, November 12, 2010

Tom Tritton

Last night we went to this Philadelphia Photo Day opening.    First we saw a photo by a certain friend of ours that took his picture on the wrong day and falsified the date.  Which is no big deal really, except for the sky in his landscape photo is dark and grey, and in every one of the other other hundreds of photos (that were, presumably, taken on the "right" day) the sky is bright blue with puffy clouds.
We finally found my photograph, in a series of events where alphabetical order was 100% non-helpful.

Dear Tom Tritton,

Who are you?   How did this happen?   Pls stop stealing my pix.

Liedke, Susan

1 comment:

r___anderson said...

susan, this world would be a much sadder place if brave individuals, like myself, didn't take charge and step up the the challenges set out before them.
so, your welcome.
-ryan anderson