Monday, September 21, 2009

plavacado fail, back in blog world

Don't expect anything too great here. I got bored with blogs (both reading and writing), and still am a little bit.

I wish I still had a real (working, digital) camera, because I have a lot of ideas, projects, and stories lately. I feel less inspired to post when I don't have the picture that goes along. Kind of like how no one (me) likes to read a magazine with out any pictures?

For now I'll just say that life in Kensington is pretty good. We have a couple replacement-taco places ("Que Chulas es Puebla"? The pretty house?). We have neighbors in a big, scary factory, and they let us throw a party there already, which was great. We have a yard that eats bikes:
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We have a deck and an ourdoor bar, and tiki torches!
We have visitors all the time. We have bonfires at night. (Mostly) everything is great.

Except this one thing.
You might remember that after months of waiting, I had an avocado plant? Well, first it blew off our deck railing. I tried to save it. Rats (I'm assuming. Something with rodent-y teeth) came and ate the leaves, the stems, and THEN THE MONTHS OLD AVOCADO. They left the pit there, like a teaser. This is what happens to my ten-year-plan avocado. My "plavacado", if you will. It gets killed.


pinchefresco said...

Puebla is a state in Mexico and also a city in that state. The overwhelming majority of Mexican men (and most of the women and children) in Philadelphia are from Puebla;in fact, most of them are from the same tiny town on the edge of a cliff, San Mateo. If you ever hear Mexis laughing about "Puebladelfia," that's why.
"Que chula es Puebla" literally means "How cute is Puebla"; it'd be like if we all moved to Dubai at once and started a cheesesteak joint called "Philly Rocks." Or, perhaps, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

If a person from Spain ever visits Kensington, they might be kind of confused, because over there "Chulo/chula" means "cocky," so it would be kind of like reading a sign that says "Some Town You've Never Heard of Is A Gel-Haired Asshole."

PS - That restaurant has my favorite Mexi food in the city.

TURTL (!!!)

lana bear said...

id stop by for a bon-fire. ill even bring the marsh! i should get your # btw