Thursday, May 22, 2014


Been a minute since I did a review, and maybe I've never actually done a straight side-by-side. Here we go. It's about getting delicious snacks in the mail!

A little background. I listen to a lot of podcasts (or at least I did until I lost my iPod?), and a lot of them are telling me to try out NatureBox. Then I heard a positive IRL review from a co-worker at the bar. So I decided to take My Brother, My Brother and Me up on their half-price starting offer, and try it out.

I liked it. (Especially for $10). They have lots of good choices, and you get five snacks in the mail, monthly. I thought $20 (the regular, non-promo price) was a little steep though - so I cancelled after my first month. Then they asked why, I said it was too expensive, so they offered me another month at the promo rate. (If they keep that up, I'll stay with them forever, FYI).

It's five good-sized (chapstick for size) bags of healthy-ish snacks. Granola, pretzels, almonds, etc. Yum. (Except the Peanut Butter Nom Noms? Not great. Almost everything else was though.)

THEN I heard about a way cheaper option, called Graze.  Six bucks, and the first one's totes free!? Sign me up. Literally.

I picked my treats, and waited. After a fairly successful experience with Nature Box, I thought Graze would be pretty comparable. Then, this wimpy, tiny box came. (Again, chapstick for size).

Matt checks out the tiny snacks inside. They have weird, fake-out names, like "orange chocolate flapjacks" which means "granola bar", in Graze-talk.

Again, here: tiny snacks. The four little packages below are the whole shipment of Graze. Big old pass.

As much fun as it is to get things in the mail, I'll ultimately end up quitting both probably (unless Nature Box keeps doing their promo price forever, in which case I'm totally totally in for keeps.) 

You can/should do Nature Box though, at least once at the half off price. If I had a regular job I'd have it delivered to my work and it would be totally awesome.  

I'd also especially rec Nature Box if you have a big cat.

Phew. 100 pictures of boxes, sorry. Get at me if you need a discount code or a granola rec.

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