Thursday, May 1, 2014

chill out

Today, two things about warmer weather (besides like: "I'm glad to wear dresses with no tights" and "bikes!" and "yards/roofs/bbq's!").

First, this doesn't effect me, but this is kind of funny:

A whole bunch of central air units were stolen from all these schools along Germantown Ave! Including my school. I don't know what the new plan is, but for now, it's putting a fence around the Place That Used To Be an Air Conditioner.

The good (for me) news is, the art studio is in the old(e) mansion part of the building that doesn't have central air, so: window unit will keeping doing for now.

Second: since the dead of winter, I stalked and wanted these clogs.

I finally bought them (tax return present to myself). I treated the leather. And I am now, currently, right this second, wearing them as I type this blog entry. This is the third or fourth time I've worn them - never much further than the coffeeshop or a bar in the neighborhood.

They are the worst.  They are so uncomfortable. I think, "they'll get better!"
They don't. Keeping bad. I read some reviews! They're pretty much like cute blog girls saying, "Boy, are these shoes the cat's pajamas!" and then a couple of them being honest and saying ".....and, you can't wear them if you have to walk anywhere."
Every step is like a small piano hammer is hitting the top of my foot.

That said, they are very cute, and I'll probably keep trying them.

The Swedes don't know everything though.

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kk said...

this is the funniest: "They are the worst."
i remember you trying to get these and am just now getting around to realizing you have/hate them.