Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Went to Philly Aids Thrift this Sunday to pick up one of the WWII battleship flags I'd been eyeing up for at least a week or two.

I couldn't decide which one to bring home, because there were kind of a lot of choices.  So, just like in a restaurant where every single thing sounds good, I picked (and carried around) several favorites, mulled it around for a few, and at last minute changed my mind and ended up with this guy. Given the ginormous size of my house (joke) I obviously chose one of the bigger flags, which is probably (really) 9 ft. long.

I looked it up, and this flag means "postponement", which makes me wish I would have bought one that meant something cooler, like "This ship requires a quarantine", "I am on fire and have dangerous cargo on board", or "stop carrying out your intentions".  Oh well.

Currently patching it up a little, because there are a few holes - you know, from battle*.

Anyway, expect to see it up soon at Tiny House, and if you too need a giant flag, now you know where to get one.  AND:  fyi, Black Friday morning, everything in the shop is half-off.  It might be the only place I go all day, and maybe just for another flag.



Amber Reeves said...

oooh! count me in for black friday aids thrifting.

Bangs said...

Amendment: I think it's probably 8 ft long. I EXAGGERATE!

Amber: cool. I think it's early.