Thursday, November 3, 2011


On real Halloween, we went to that haunted house at the Jomar warehouse down in South Philly.  The FRIGHT FACTORY.

When you first get in, you're like, "Oh, cool, we're at a mummer storage facility" (really - old floats and costumes all over).  But that's not the real beginning.
Then you go through round one, and get your picture taken, and you think "phew, we're done" but really?  The adventure is about to begin.  They say they're giving you a tour guide, and to be careful.  And then?  Your tour guide immediately gets murdered, and you're on your own for 3 whole more sections of pitch black haunt.

I think we rated it about an 8.  It was really scary, really long/thorough, and all the people who worked there were super into it, which makes anything better.  I would say next year?  Do it.

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