Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pompomeranian, 2

I've been having a hard time* with getting the internet at my new house.

BUT, T was over this weekend, and like a big hero, found the one spot in space where my Roku picked up the internet.  So now, it's supspended in mid-air between my tv and the window, utilizing an otherwise unused string of bright red pompoms.  And guess what:  I get so much Netflix now.  And everything else.  I still can't check my email, but I can watch tv**.

*a "hard time" means
1.  I am too stubborn/cheap to set up with Comcast. 
2.  I was too nervous to just ask my neighbor to share his password/bill.
3.  After I got up the nerve to ask him (which was no big deal), I am too un-motivated to follow through with reminding him about it.

**X-files, obv.

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