Monday, August 1, 2011


Recently it's come to my attention that I don't know my blood type.

So, A and I shook on it, and I think you should virtually shake on it to, to THIS week find out what blood type you are.

Tomorrow I start my search.  You'll be glad if you get in some sort of tragic sitch and need my blood and we're a match!  (Or, more likely, I'll be glad, because realistically, I'm going to need the one who needs a transfusion.)

Anyway: let's find them out!  A challenge!  A mystery!


sarah said...

did you realize this because fb starting asking for it? (which is so weird/random, by the way) also, how do you find out when your parents don't know? (like, is there a short cut to going to a dr. and asking them?)

LuLu said...

I'm universal donor, so I've got you covered Sue.

Bangs said...

Facebook asks for your bloodtype? What?

So far, dead ends with current doctors.
Next on the list: Mom.
After that: checking my birth certificate (I read that it's sometimes on there?)
After that: a phone call to Buffalo General, I guess.

And Lulu, that's great to know.

sarah said...

i guess it's just a korean FB thing? so-and-so studied at ______ university, works at ... , blood type _. korean's are so weird.

marilynski said...

yeah insurance companies won't let you get the test bc apparently it's crazy expensive. maybe call the red cross if you ever gave blood? or check your hospital records? didn't you lose a little (aka a lot) of blood in your bike accident?

Lulu, I could tell that about you.

Lystessa said...

My parents are both O-positive. Kind of took the mystery out of it. ;P

Husband is O-negative, so it was interesting to find out the blood types of the kids. (Of course it figures - our boy got the positive and our girl got the negative... yay for RhoGAM, I guess).