Thursday, August 11, 2011


We went to Jomar* and I got FIFTEEN YARDS of pom-poms for $1.50.  Seriously.  Even if you don't know the pom-pom market, hopefully you can recognize what a sa-weet deal that is.
So: copycatting both Martha and Anthropologie, I pom-pommed my living room curtains.

It was so easy (my sewing machine not only survived the move, but seems to be working better than ever?  It's good to not have a basement to exile things to.  So far.) To be honest, I barely was able to not pom-pom every textile in my house.  For now though, just the LR curtain. 

*get to Jomar in South Philly.  Everything upstairs is 50% off their already weird prices.


elizabethfrances said...

That is quite a deal.
Is that the store where you found that Spectra film for really cheap?

Bangs said...

Yep. It's a strange, strange place.