Tuesday, April 7, 2015

feeling nutty in 2015

Recently, some friends and I were having a post happy hour drink (yeah) at our local tap room, and the topic of abandoned blogs turned up. Specifically: Kelly's THINGS I'M TRYING and Josh's BALLARD COMMA BACHELOR. (Neither blog has been updated in three years.)

Although I do kind of believe that the "blog" has been fairly/totally eclipsed by other, lighter social media (talking to you, Instagram), I do miss the days of regular blogging. Door Sixteen just made a promise to do a little more posting, and it made me remember how much I always liked reading her blog, and that I liked writing mine.

Fueled by those remembrances (and by a bet I made with the aforementioned pals who have also quit blogging), I'm going to try and put up one post a month. That's doable, yeah?

After that boring introduction: I give you this, my Nutella Class Action Settlement.

Ages ago, I got an email in my junk account (heyo, Hotmail!) that asked if I had bought any Nutella in the past year, and how much. They said they were suing Nutella for false claims of being a "healthy alternative to peanut butter".  Did I want to join the suit?


Fast forward like a year and a half or something, and this girl is $7.15 richer. Off to buy more Nutella probably.

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Cory said...

I got $4.29 from Nutella!