Thursday, October 10, 2013

eShakti (a plug, but a real one)

If you've seen me lately, I've probably raved on eShakti to you.  I got into it through someone else's blog, what seems like a billion years ago*, and have been totally stoked on it since.

Here's the first dress I got from them. Seersucker.  Good, yeah?

They make these great, vintage-y dresses, and here's my favorite parts:

  • great quality, fully lined(!) dresses
  • full skirts (think Betty Draper, early years)
  • there is always a sale, and usually a good one
  • $25 off your first order ($30 now!)
  • custom sizing, as in made-for-you, what-are-your-measurements
  • customization (you want cap sleeves? a longer skirt?)
  • pockets on everything so far
  • details like fabric buttons, and great embroidery

I've gotten three so far that I like a lot.  (Disclosure. I also got one I didn't like. No big.  Sent it back, and got a credit for the full amount plus 20%).  They're like the dresses you just dream of finding at a thrift store or Anthropologie's basement, but if you do find it, it doesn't fit great, or has a gross stain or something.

Anyway: as part of their referral program, you can use my link and get $30 off (instead of $25) and I get a credit with them.  Do it. Try one out.

I have only two non-raves about them. First is that shipping is a little pricey, (because of overseas? I don't know) but they sometimes do free shipping promotions, so maybe that will happen again soon.  You could fill your cart, and wait for it.  Second non-rave, the website is a little crazy to navigate (a lot of sorting the good from the bad) but you'll figure it out.

Try a dress.  If you end up needing a code (but I don't think you will?) try "liedke32cy".

This buffalo plaid one is my favorite one.

*probably more like 3 months ago

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