Monday, September 30, 2013

PA Level Ix2

After some fairly relaxed, and non-urgent waiting, today I was emailed an official PDF proving my expertise as a Library Media specialist.  Basically this means that John Dewey and I are professional BFF on several levels (education reform and his decimals).
Getting certified in Library meant

  • studying up on my RL Stine, Laura Ingalls, and Sideways Stories from Wayside School
  • paying the state an amount of money
  • showing up on time for a test.

Nailed it.*

As soon as I can, I'm totally gonna print it on a sympathetic friend's printer and put it next to my other certification and in a folder in a cabinet, where it will somehow magically send out employment rays and get me a cool job, because I'm so much more hirable now that I'm double certified.  Any takers? Seriously.

Other news:

  • iOS 7.  I did it, and it's as good as everyone said.  
  • No coffee mug action yet, but I don't always remember it.  Okay, I only remembered it once.
  • Halloween is heavy on my mind, and perhaps everyone's.  Been coming up a lot, right?  I'm thinking I'll follow a Martha tute this year, hopefully it will be very ephemeral.  More on that later, I'm sure.

*Okay, I also had to already be a certified teacher (check), which, obviously, took years and a very expensive degree.


bitteramanda said...

John Dewey = education, Melvil Dewey = decimals. Welcome back to blogging, librarian.

Bangs said...

Ha. Melvil. Well, that should tell you something.