Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RIP booth

We tried out a Barbary party, for the first time (for me) in a long time.  Good news?  For a while they played a lot of good music.  Bad news?  They lost their good photobooth.  It was seriously one of my favorite ones.

Now they got this one that prints a dumb, grey, digital picture.  Six of them. Very unorthodox.

I guess the other good news is that I probably will save a few bucks when I go to the Barbary once every two years.  So I'm basically a millionaire.


Cory said...

Digital photo booth photos have no charm at all :( What's the POINT.

And both Spaghetti Warehouse and Daffy's had real (color, but they were great dingy early 80's colors on nice textured paper) photo booths, I wonder what they did with them.

Reading Terminal Market getting rid of their penny press machine was a catalyst for me buying my own, maybe some rich kid bought the one from the Barbary to refurbish it.

Either way, when you over hear young people talking about the barbary (at a coffee shop? the changing rooms at H&M?) you can shake your head and think "they don't even know what the barbary is all ABOUT"

Cory said...

UPDATE: I just found the penny machine in Reading Terminal- it's by used bookstore and shoeshiners way in the NE corner.

Bangs said...

another UPDATE: we went back this weekend, put $4 in this machine, and got NOTHING. Double bust.

lana bear said...

yo! K mart on market street has a photobooth! And northbowl has one too. (the real kind, im serious)

pinchefresco said...

I hope it was that 'retro' monthly they do that is all music from 2007. Not kidding.