Thursday, October 18, 2012


Ugh, blogs are the worst.

So lately, I've been pretty wrapped up in school and a variety of part timey jobs (hanging out with kids, working at the brewery, and yeah, blogging). This means: less writing about the boring ins and outs of my life over here.

Never-the-less: some updates, a couple pictures, and maybe even life lessons, not in chronological order:

block printing and tea dying a cat dress, where MATH FINALLY COMES IN HANDY:

painting claws for a Halloween costume (lesson: make sure you have all the colors you're going to need, before you get too deep into this.  Additional lesson: kittens love acrylic fingernails):

making a new lining for a bike basket.  No lesson, just a good idea:

And here's some funny things I get to do for my freelance job - playing with coffee filters:

Anyways.  Those things, writing a thesis, seeing movies, thinking about Halloween, regular stuff. Y tu?

Oh, and as a general update to my last post, Blanc is doing good, and stitches out tomorrow. They used the words conclusive removal, which means tumor is all-the-way out.  Phew.

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