Monday, March 5, 2012


Here's a boring post about cabinets.

I had this extra shelf paper around, and the insides of my cabinets are kind of oogey, so I (finally, after 7 months of living at the tiny house) papered it, and now it looks super cute.  I was always reading other girls (also boring) posts about how good it looks/feels to just line a drawer or a cabinet or whatever, and know what?  They're right.  It's in the details.

Thinking about doing this guy next, but not sure what should go in there.  My kitchen is getting a little wacky colored, even for me.


Bangs said...

I broke several of these dishes the day after I took this picture. Oh well.

elizabethfrances said...

This is less boring to me than a movie review of a movie I have never heard of (because I just don't hear about movies). My favorite kind of post. I like these little shelves. And all the dishes.